Supporting your business

Supporting your business

Central Glass affiliates

Central Glass Germany GmbH is an affiliate of Central Glass Co., Ltd., Japan.

Central Glass is specialized in the manufacture and sale of flat glass, processed glass, building materials and other glass products, chlorine, organic and inorganic fluorine compounds, fertilizers and other chemical products; glass fiber products; synthetic resins, as well as the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which is the interface to the production plant in Künsebeck. The headquarter of Central Glass Co., Ltd. is in Tokyo.

We are closely cooperating with our affiliate companies Apollo Scientific Ltd. in the United Kingdom and SynQuest Laboratories Inc. in the USA.


Central Glass Co., Ltd. creates new value to unite "the glass technology" and "the chemical technology"
Apollo Scientific is a leading supplier and manufacturer of research chemicals to the global market.
SynQuest Laboratories is the innovative fluorochemical supplier for all your customer needs.