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Welcome to Central Glass Germany

Central Glass Germany is dedicated to process development, upscaling and production of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. It operates a FDA and EU inspected facility in Halle-Künsebeck. An experienced and highly skilled team of organic chemists and support functions, such as analytical specialists and QA/QC team, ensure success and high quality of our projects.

Our service offering includes
  • Process Development and upscaling from grams to tons
  • Custom synthesis for pre-clinical studies, Phase I-III trials and launch
  • cGMP production of commercial APIs and Intermediates
  • In-process and finished API analytical methods development
  • Validation of manufacturing processes and analytical methods
  • ICH stability studies for registration
  • Comprehensive support for CMC file preparation


Central Glass is the leading integrated manufacturer of Triflic Acid and Triflic Anhydride